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Using the knowledge and experience of a qualified, practising dermatologist, Dermoscribe is dedicated to providing quality products based on proven dermatological formulae recognised around the world for the treatment of a number of common skin problems.

Dermoscribe now has 3 specialized creams exclusively available online:


Dermoscribe’s Ichybum Anal Itching Cream

Helps to relieve the persistent and irritating symptoms of ‘itchy anus’, medically known as ‘pruritus ani’. Used in conjunction with Ichybum Gentle Wash and Flushable Anal Wipes which can be purchased as part of our Ichybum “Value Deal”, you can break the dreaded ‘Itch-Scratch Cycle’ and put an end to your itchy end.


Dermoscribe’s Psoriasis Cream

Uses salicylic acid and liqor carbonis detergens to effectively relieve the symptoms of psoriasis.

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Dermoscribe’s Seborrheic Dermatitis Cream

Contains salicylic acid, sulfur and hydrocortisone for effective relief from the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis.

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You won’t find our products on drug store or supermarket shelves. Dermoscribe’s Creams are available exclusively online, in the Dermoscribe Shop any hour of the day or night. Our products are manufactured in the USA to specific formulae in an FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) registered, GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) compliant facility. They are registered under the FDA’s National Drug Code.


“This is an outstanding product that works as advertised. This was purchased for a family member suffering from long-standing anal itching. After treating the problem for a week, the itching has disappeared and the has been no recurrence. I highly recommend this product for those suffering from a similiar affliction.”
Mr B.F., Woodstock, VT
“To Hartley and the folks at Dermoscribe:
Where have you been all my life?! I have dealt with pruritis ani for years and have only had limited success in easing the symptoms – from using cortisone cream to wet wipes to trying my best to schedule bathroom visits around shower times, I finally have something dependable and convenient! I’m a teacher so I’m often moving around my classroom a lot and there’s nothing worse than walking around with an itchy rear end and not being able to get any relief until the end of the school day when I get home. With ichybum, the symptoms are gone, I’m not self conscious or uncomfortable and I’m not tempted to scratch. I’m so thankful to have found this product and will definitely continue to buy it so long as it works and is available for purchase!”
Mr C.C., Milwaukee, WI
“For years I have suffered from a anal itch. It was especially worse at night and during sleep. I would wake up finding my hands where they shouldn’t be due to the irritation. I have tried every product I could find and could only get temporary relief. When I was searching the net I found Ichybum cream. I was leery of purchasing such since I had seen similar advertisements. Since it was only around $10.00 I figured to give it a try. I received my order about a month ago and I must say I am so impressed with this product. Since applying it the first night I have not experienced itching since. I can finally get a good nights sleep. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a itching issue and if it works for you {which I’m sure it will} you will be writing a review just like mine. I would just like to thank demoscribe for a product that really does what they profess it does. I wish I had found Ichybum 5 years ago when this issue arose. Heck if they sold stock I would purchase such and go on the road to promote it.”
Mr R.H., Antioch, CA
“I tried many products to cure my anal itch. I went to Web MD and saw your ad and they said try Ichybum. I tried it for one week and It solved my problem. I would recommend this to anyone with this problem.”
Mr A.C., Cartersville, GA
“I’m 45 and have lived with my secret, an itchy bum, for the better part of my adult life. I have seen dermatologists in four countries and have tried so many creams, lotions, medicines and even a biopsy only to be told by an 83 year old doctor that it’s something I have to live with. Thanks to Dermoscribe and their range of products I have a solution that gives me the relief I have sought for so long. It doesn’t hurt to try their products but it does make life uncomfortable to do nothing!”
Mr D.D., Roland, AR
“I really didn’t think anything could help [until] I tried this. The cream gave me instant relief and after a few times the itching went down by at least 80% . I highly recommend”
Ms S.B., Boynton Beach, FL
“I have for many years suffered from what I now know as “pruritis ani”. I have tried many different ointments and powders but with no great result. A family member suggested I try Ichybum cream. After only using the ointment for a week, I can honestly say that my itchy bum problem has cleared up. I now do not have that embarrassing situation of vigorously scratching my behind in public. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has this annoying and embarrassing problem.”
Mr H.S., Geelong, Australia
“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for offering a product that provides prompt relief for a very embarrassing issue. I have dealt with this issue for years and tried many over the counter ‘remedies’, to no avail. While searching the internet I came across your product and thought….a catchy name. I must give it a try. Shipping was very fast. The product is easy to use. No embarrassing smell. And it really does help. I recently found it on AMAZON too. Give it a try!”
Mr H.K., Broken Arrow, OK
“This product provided me with welcome relief. A little goes a long way.”
Mr W.F., Mount Holly, NJ
“I’ve suffered with itching and discomfort in that private area for a long time, I’ve tried all sorts of ointments and creams, and usually end up using hydrocortizone, which I prefer to avoid. I recently tried the Ichybum soap, wipes and ointment, and what a difference! The itch goes away and no more discomfort!… If you suffer from this itchyness and general discomfort in that private area, I highly recommend trying Itchybum! It sure worked for me!”
Mr W.M., Andover, MA
“Helps with rashes and Redness. Great dermatitis cream!”
Ms LB, Amazon Customer on 06/15/16
“Great product! I have used twice and it is already clearing my skin up will definitely buy again”.
Anonymous, Amazon Customer on 06/13/16