Hartley Sutcliffe, CEO DermoscribeWhen Dermoscribe launched its Ichybum Cream for pruritus ani (chronic itchy anus), more than a few people thought that the promotional email messages they received were some kind of hoax or ‘spam’. Others couldn’t resist responding with “toilet humour” comments, which I have to say, after a while started to be a real pain in the backside! But don’t laugh – it’s no joke. In fact, it’s estimated that between 5 and 10 percent of this world’s population suffer from this condition.

Of course, sharing the fact that you have a chronic itchy anus problem isn’t your everyday topic of conversation with friends, family or colleagues. Unfortunately, it’s also not the type of product for which I’m expecting to be able to obtain lots of glowing testimonials from satisfied customers that we can post on the website and our Facebook page. Bummer!!

But I can actually say from first hand experience that it works – no butts about it. After more than two years of frustration and annoyance, I’m not sure who’s happier about it: me or my wife. Suffice to say, she’s no longer nervous that I’m going to start scratching when we’re out in public together.

The End!

Hartley Sutcliffe
Dermoscribe CEO