How embarrassing іѕ that itchy bum moment! When that happens, people cope in different ways. One of the most popular methods is the “cloak and dagger” move: find a quiet corner and slip in a surreptitious scratch hoping that no one notices.

The dreaded Itch-Scratch Cycle

No matter how they deal with it, the fact is that many people suffer in silence for years as the problem comes and goes. The worse thing is that most of us think the problem is not quite urgent or serious enough to justify a trip to the doctor. As a result, those who suffer from pruritus ani don’t find the right remedy, and they get embarrassed or feel disgusted because of the situation they’re in.

Anal itching, rectal itch, itchy rectum, оr “pruritus ani” as it is medically known, is not a disease but rather a symptom of an underlying condition; however, it is not always possible to determine exactly what this might be. But no matter what the cause, once the itch starts, it can turn into a vicious cycle known as the “itch-scratch cycle”.

In simple terms, scratching provides an element of immediate, temporary relief because it causes the body to send pain signals, which override the scratch signals. However, the act of scratching increases inflammation and stimulates nerve fibres in the affected area which increases itching, once again triggering the urge to scratch, thereby perpetuating the itch-scratch cycle.

How to Break the Itch-Scratch Cycle of Pruritus Ani

The skin around the anus is particularly sensitive so it is more prone to itching. There are six simple steps that can be used to help relieve anal itching:

1. Practice good anal hygiene.

Keeping the area clean and dry is important, and it is recommended to bathe immediately after bowel movements to ensure that the area is completely free of residual faecal matter.

Only use fragrance and alcohol-free soap products such as Dermoscribe’s Ichybum Gentle Wash, as the fragrances and other ingredients in normal soap products can aggravate the itching.

When thoroughly washing your “bum” isn’t possible after a bowel movement, products like Dermoscrible’s fragrance and alcohol-free flushable wipes are an excellent alternative to traditional dry toilet paper, which can also make your condition worse.

2. Apply Dermoscribe’s Ichybum Itchy Anus Cream as directed.

Ichybum Cream is manufactured pursuant to a proven formula that has been prescribed by dermatologists around the world for decades. It contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients used to successfully treat skin infections including pruritus ani.

3. Stop scratching!

Scratching stimulates further itching so it is important to break the itch-scratch cycle.

4. Wear cotton underwear.

Anal itching can be caused or aggravated by excessive sweating. Avoid wearing tight-fitting underwear and wear cotton, rаthеr thаn synthetic, undergarments because cotton іѕ а natural fibre, which іѕ breathable.

5. Eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Drink plenty of water every day in order to remain hydrated and eat more fruit and vegetables to increase fibre intake, which will assist with bowel movements. Spicy foods should be avoided if these are an aggravating factor.

6. Consult a physician

If symptoms persist after following the above steps, it is important to immediately seek medical advice because pruritus ani can be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition.

Pruritus ani is a condition that you should not take for granted. If your goal is total treatment, you should also find time to do your best to prevent pruritus ani through the steps that we shared above.


For remedy and relief, Dermoscribe formulated a special line of treatment for those who suffer from pruritus ani. Dermoscribe’s Ichybum Itchy Anus Cream, Ichybum Gentle Wash for Pruritus Ani, and Ichybum Flushable wipes have been highly recommended by qualified dermatologists to help you leave the embarrassment behind.

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